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Target-centric network analysis

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Leveraged actions in complex systems.

Who We Are

Reactivity is a private intelligence company based in Geneva, Switzerland. We specialize in target-centric network analysis — discovering hidden relationships between objects and actors in complex systems. Our clients are national laboratories, NGOs, and commercial companies requiring our expertise.

Our fields of work include electronic trading infrastructure (investigating and preventing market manipulations), information operations (assessing coordinated information spreading attempts in social media and developing countermeasures), epidemic modeling (biosecurity, public health policy improvements), and nuclear security (providing network analysis services to nuclear forensic experts).

Expertise, delivered.

Name: Alexander Temerev
Role: CEO
Education: MSc in computer science
Thesis: "Scale-free properties of actor networks"
Specializations: Electronic trading, nuclear forensics
Name: Liudmila Rozanova
Role: CSO
Education: PhD in mathematics
Thesis: "Modeling behavioral dynamics in small groups"
Specializations: Network science, epidemic models, social networks
Name: Undisclosed
Role: CISO
Education: MSc in computer science
Thesis: Undisclosed

Specializations: Defense in depth, cyber operations

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